I am Tracey Miller, the creative mind and designer behind Tracey Miller Designs - TMD Millinery.

I wasn't educated for a career in fashion, quite the opposite - my early career began in Financial Services, but the skills I was born with have developed over time and they have led me to the amazing position I am in now where I get to do what I love everyday - design, create and inspire.

My passion for hats began as a young child watching old black and white movies with my Mum. I watched in awe of these beautiful women wearing stunning hats and dresses tailored to fit every curve of their bodies. Hats, clothes, feathers, sparkle, fancy buttons, it all grabbed my attention. I wanted to be one of those confident, hip sashaying women who walked with their heads held high looking and feeling fabulous! I absorbed the beautiful positivity of it all. Their influence remains today, I'm still the friend who plans an outfit months in advance for an event, from hat to shoe and everything in between. I love to dress up, If I could step back in time to 1940's Hollywood I would actually be living my dream!

As a single mum raising a daughter involved in performing arts, seeking out materials for costumes became a regular occurrence. So when I couldn't find the perfect hat to match my outfit for my best friend's wedding, I made my own. Seeing the surprise on every person's face that day who asked me "where did you get your hat from?" ignited a flame.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason and our paths are carved out long before we know it. 

A chance conversation with a beautiful friend presented me with the opportunity I felt had been waiting for me all of my life. It was the right time in mine and my daughters life for me to take a leap of faith. I left my secure office job for a more vulnerable position, but one where I could grow in an environment with like minded creative souls. 

And the rest, as they say, is history. TMD is more than a business to me, or the outcome from a university degree, it is a vision, my vision and  I hope you love it as much as I do.

Love Tracey 

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